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Pet Food Saturday May 20,2017 from 9 till 2

To all, This Saturday Glenn’s Market is kicking off our Raw diet pet food and treats section of the store. Mary Lackavich a long time raw pet food feeder will be at Glenn’s from 9 am to 2 pm to talk to any customer wanting to switch to raw and has questions. In my getting ready to do this promo I started to research why, how much, when, etc and found out there is about as many ideas out there as dog breads.

So just want to say things that I know, your dog will feel better, will be happier, less vet bills, shiner coat, rashes go away are just some  of the benefits.

I know raw cost more the Farm and Fleets dry kibbles, a way of cutting cost is a deal I have put together for you. If you e mail your order in at a day in advance I will give you an average of 30% discount. I have to have your name address and phone to make this work.

See you Saturday   Glenn