What do you do with your Venison

It’s deer hunting season once again, so that age-old question comes up like a whitetail in the woods. What do you with your Venison?
The easiest answer, of course, is to bring it in to Glenn’s and let us make delicious sausage for you and your family. But if you’re the do-it-yourself type, there are plenty of options on how to prepare one of the most popular wild meats.

Fatten It Up

Venison is lean meat. Deer are always on the move, and that means they have very little fat. And while that is excellent for your health, it’s not nearly as naturally tasty as, say, cured bacon.  So why not grind a little in just to make things interesting?
Adding a small amount of bacon can quickly increase the flavor of your favorite game meat, greatly widening your eating audience’s satisfaction. (We’ve also heard that adding bacon to practically anything can have a similar effect, but that’s another blog). One sure-fire way to try this is to simply wrap your lean steaks in bacon and throw them on the grill.

Slow It Down

Because deer meat is tougher than beef or pork, it’s very safe and easy to stick with a slow cooking technique. A stew or pot roast are good options. Braising is also a nice way to create flavor, browning or caramelizing the chunks of meat quickly over high heat at first, then letting them simmer in a covered pot of your chosen liquid to force moisture back into the meat.

Everything in Moderation, Including Marinade

Marinading meat is an easy way to add flavor, and a first choice when trying to mask or enhance the wild game taste of deer meat.
A great tip when marinading: don’t overdo it. Some folks believe that in order to get rid of the gamey taste of venison, a 24-hour soak in barbecue sauce is the only solution. This will actually make your meat mushy, and over-flavor the venison.
The best way to draw out optimal flavor is how you would with any other lean meat— three to four hours in your chosen marinade. Remember to keep your meat in the refrigerator during this process.

Keep It Simple

Venison may be an acquired taste for some, and the best way to acquire that taste is to make it part of your regular menu. Substitute deer burger for beef hamburger in your most common dishes to increase satisfaction. Try venison with your chili, tacos, or sloppy joes. Grill out some venison cheeseburgers. Heck, even spaghetti with venison meatballs can be a big winner.  Treat it like any lean meat and you’ll get great results.

The Hands-Down Best Way to Eat Venison 

Looks like we’ve come full circle—bring it in to Glenn’s and let us do the work! We don’t cut and bone your deer, but we will make sausage products for you. We can make a wide variety of venison products ranging from beef-added summer garlic sausage, to ring bologna, bratwurst, cheddarwurst, whole muscle jerky, and much more. Our cheeses available include cheddar, swiss, pepper jack and bleu.
Make something delicious with your venison this year. Stop in to Glenn’s and create a great menu this fall!

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