What do you do with your Venison

It’s deer hunting season once again, so that age-old question comes up like a whitetail in the woods. What do you with your Venison?
The easiest answer, of course, is to bring it in to Glenn’s and let us make delicious sausage for you and your family. But if you’re the do-it-yourself type, there are plenty of options on how to prepare one of the most popular wild meats.

Fatten It Up

Venison is lean meat. Deer are always on the move, and that means they have very little fat. And while that is excellent for your health, it’s not nearly as naturally tasty as, say, cured bacon.  So why not grind a little in just to make things interesting?
Adding a small amount of bacon can quickly increase the flavor of your favorite game meat, greatly widening your eating audience’s satisfaction. (We’ve also heard that adding bacon to practically anything can have a similar effect, but that’s another blog). One sure-fire way to try this is to simply wrap your lean steaks in bacon and throw them on the grill.

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Now Carrying Holstein Beef – Not just for Dairy Anymore

In this great dairy state of Wisconsin, Holstein cows are widely recognized by their black-and-white color pattern, and commonly known for their excellent ability to produce milk. Cheese, yogurt, and cream are all made possible by the mighty Holstein. But what about its beef?

Ever had a Holstein hamburger? The answer might surprise you.

When most people think of a great hamburger, the Black Angus breed usually comes to mind. Two other popular beef breeds are Hereford and Charolais. But about 15% of US beef production comes from dairy beef. And more and more people are eating this delicious, grass-fed variety for dinner.
Now you can too, as Glenn’s Market & Catering has added fresh ground grass-fed beef to our freezer case!

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